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28. marta 2018. godine držana je 30. Skupština SMEITS-a. Usvojen je Izveštaj o radu  SMEITS-a za 2017. i plan rada za 2018. godinu. 

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prof. dr Aleksandru Petroviću, dipl. maš. inž.



Following my previous e-mail and according to the agreements we had in London, the new MoU with ASHRAE was signed in Long Beach, California during the ASHRAE Summer Meeting. 

Now, the heavy work has to start within a joint Task Force to elaborate the details of implementing this agreement. Our first and main objective is to discuss and define organic models governing the interactions in Europe among the different bodies at different scale (National Associations, ASHRAE chapters, and clubs at local level; our Federation and the ASHRAE European Region) while keeping the leadership of National Associations as the fundament of every REHVA policy and activity. 

Within this framework, we will create a forum for open discussions on the issue and seek the feedback of each REHVA Member Association in the coming months. If necessary, we can organise a Plenary Meeting at the REHVA headquarter in Brussels by the end of this year. Moreover, I stress the importance of your participation to our 2nd Plenary Meeting scheduled during our 2018 Annual Meeting from 21 April till 23 April in Brussels. 

I wish you all the best for the summer and look forward to continuing our fruitful discussions.

Stefano P. Corgnati

REHVA President

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