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Assembly of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia
based on Article 38 Statute of the meeting held on 03 February 1999. adopted the following:


Engineers and technicians will be signs and duties of their profession to respect and hold high, next to the basic moral principles of man:

  • care for families and children,
  • love of neighbor, 
  • trust and honesty in relationships with collaborators
  • honesty in business

and will find the way to initialize moral principles and obligations in the field.

Professional engineers will conduct and performance of their profession to have as a guide the following principles:

1. Accountability and fairness in business

Engineers and technicians will accept and work jobs that they know and are familiar with them or with the help of colleagues at work can be introduced and adopted. Assume responsibility for work should be accepted and the work done to set liability. For jobs for which an engineer is not sure that they know enough to ask honest participation from those who know better. For each job done the engineer will be pleased if you did the best he could.

In relations with employers and clients engineers and technicians will build relationships with correctness and trust, will preserve and protect their secrets, and entrusted their business interests.

2. Continuous improvement of professional knowledge

Engineers are required to continuously improve their professional competence through personal learning, training, research, information and verification of acquired knowledge. For advancement in the profession should be used and all organized forms of innovation and advancement of knowledge.

Younger colleagues should be paid attention by keeping their initial work in the profession and by providing assistance.

3. Commitment to truth and scientific and professional standards

In the performance of professional work should apply the truth and adopted the professional and scientific standards.

Respect for truth and professional norms can not be subordinated to other demands.

Engineers and technicians will be strange and inappropriate nesolidan and superficial work, taking bribes, giving opinions and wishes of the customer and the like.

If the engineer called to assess the work of another engineer or other professional person, will try to discuss his report to inform the person whose work are related.

4. Work on environmental protection

In his work, engineers and technicians will preserve and improve the environment achieved by respecting the following principles:

4.1. Selection and application solutions that enable the same result less energy and materials and reduce production waste and polluting materials.

4.2. In the selection of technical solutions engineers and technicians will examine the characteristics of previous environment (biota, air, water, topography and soil properties, objects made of human work and the like.) And estimate the effects of solutions that are selected. Solutions that are selected should respect applicable norms of competence, environmental protection, and have built solutions for environmental protection.

In this regard, engineers will always strive to gain superior knowledge and create high quality solutions that will protect and improve the state of the environment.

4.3. Engineers and technicians will accept as its responsibility to the work they do monitor the state of environmental protection, to seek and apply new and better solutions.

5. Improvement work for the good of society

In terms of their ability, courage, enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment engineers will work continuously to improve the work they do, to create conditions for the benefit of society, increase the wellbeing, health and life to the next level.

6. Working for a proper and solid work of others

Engineers and technicians are required to detect when the legal and natural persons nesolidan, improper and dangerous operation notify your professional organization and to seek measures to download (pointing to the failures, a warning, a public statement, sentence, sign, etc.)..

7. Professional association

Engineers and technicians will assist, support and enforce measures mutual association to protect the professional interests and achieve a better personal and social position. At the same time will make sure that this association is not at the expense, but to contribute to the good and the others.


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